Did you see photos of the hail damage around Lonsdale and Millersberg this past week? According to stormersite, This tea cup sized hail was reported at 7:55:00 PM CDT on 06/22/2016 about 6 miles from the center of Lonsdale, Minnesota. Lonsdale has a population of 3674 and has 577 housing units in the area. The exact location that this hail report originated from was 44.42, -93.33. The area around Lonsdale has had 4 hail storm reports within 10 miles in the last 3 years.

At Millersberg Construction, we have seen several hail storms and the damage hail can do. If you know of someone who is unsure of the next step, have them contact us for a free inspection. We work with all insurance agencies and are here to help families get their homes back to where they were.