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Free Inspection

Southern Minnesota Roofing Insurance Claims

Repairing storm damage to your home is hard enough, let alone dealing with the struggle of getting your insurance claims approved. At Millersberg Construction, we'll help you get that insurance claim submitted and approved quickly.

Our team is right there with you throughout the entire process of completing storm damage insurance claims. Feel free to ask our experts any questions and rely on their advice and support when meeting with the insurance company. Of course, we’ll also take care of the actual restoration part of storm damage insurance work, too!

Our Storm Damage Insurance Assistance Process

Millersberg Construction makes getting storm damage insurance work done a straightforward process. We know that most homeowners haven’t dealt with this kind of damage before, so the process can feel new and confusing. Our team is there to help you through everything.

While every project is different, here is a quick look at the typical process we rely on to secure approval for storm damage insurance claims:

  • Call Us: As soon as the damage occurs, customers contact Millersberg to have us complete a storm damage inspection.
  • Free Estimate: We’ll provide a comprehensive report documenting all the evidence for your roofing and siding damage.
  • Filing a Claim: Our experts have worked with insurance companies for years and can help you get your claim filed quickly.
  • Claim Review: We'll come along to your meeting with the insurance adjustor to explain the necessary repairs in detail.
  • Design Selection: As this process is underway, you’ll have the opportunity to pick out the materials and colors for your restoration.
  • Work Begins: As soon as the claim is approved, we’ll make the appointment to begin the storm damage restoration.

Get Help with Your Storm Damage Insurance Claims Today

You may be in shock after severe weather sweeps through the area and damages your home, but it's imperative to take prompt action. Call Millersberg Construction about a storm damage restoration in Southern Minnesota—before the elements cause worse damage to your property! We’ll set up the initial roof inspection right away.

If you would like to get started with a cost estimate for a traditional roof or siding replacement, consider filling out our online form. We can set up a free consultation and cost estimate with an expert.