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GAF Solar Shingle Roofing Company

When it comes to new roofing, most homeowners only consider standard options like asphalt shingles or metal panels. However, there is a range of modern and innovative products available that offer unparalleled benefits. Solar shingles are one of those products.

If you're looking to enjoy the simultaneous benefits of clean energy production and home protection, a GAF energy solar shingle installation may be right for you. As the leading solar roofing company in Southern Minnesota, Millersberg Construction, LLC will make sure to provide you with the highest-grade service. We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have won numerous awards, assuring you that your solar shingles will come out perfect.

Southern Minnesota Residential Solar Shingles

Solar has taken over the residential remodeling industry and there has never been a better time to invest. Although many homeowners choose standard solar panels, these have numerous disadvantages. First off, they require a rack system to be permanently mounted to the roof, potentially making your existing materials vulnerable to leaks. They're also quite heavy, making it a challenging and unsafe installation for homes with lower capacities.

Our Southern Minnesota solar shingle company can provide you with premium solar shingles instead. These products have a range of benefits for you to take advantage of, such as:

  • Direct Installation: Solar shingles are nailed directly to your roof, reducing the need for any secondary installation.
  • Multi-Functional: Solar shingles provide the same benefits as typical roofing, but with the capacity for energy production as well.
  • Tax Incentives: Most solar installations are eligible for a sizable tax credit.

Millersberg is proud to be one of the first roofing companies in the United States to install this premium product. We have the expertise that you need for a stunning, highly functional roof replacement.

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Our team has always made sure to have lots of roofing types available. With our high-end solar shingles, you'll receive the dependable performance that your home deserves. Reach out today for a quote, and be sure to view our other services like commercial roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and storm damage repairs.