When extreme weather strikes, it can often leave some sort of damage in its wake. In the Midwest specifically we often experience hail, tornados, and other severe storms. In such situations, two types of entities often come to mind: storm chasers and local storm restoration companies. While both are associated with storm-related services, there are significant differences between them. We are here to shed light on these distinctions to help homeowners make informed decisions when seeking assistance after a storm.

1. Scope of Operations

The primary difference between storm chasers and local storm restoration companies lies in their scope of operations. Storm chasers are typically out-of-town contractors who follow storm patterns and rush to areas that have been recently hit by severe weather events. These contractors are not local to the affected area and often travel across states to capitalize on the surge in demand for restoration services.

On the other hand, local storm restoration companies are established businesses within the community, operating within a specific geographic area. They have deep roots in the local community and are committed to providing reliable services to their neighbors in times of distress. 

2. Reputation and Trustworthiness

One of the most critical factors to consider when dealing with storm-related damage is the reputation and trustworthiness of the service provider. Storm chasers, being transient in nature, might not have an established reputation in the area. While some may be reliable and provide quality work, others might engage in dubious practices or even disappear after the job is completed, making it challenging to hold them accountable for any issues that arise later.

In contrast, local storm restoration companies have a reputation to uphold within their community. Their track record is more accessible to verify through local references, online reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations. Homeowners can trust their commitment to providing reliable and ethical services, as they have a vested interest in maintaining a positive reputation within their local area.

3. Knowledge of Local Building Codes and Regulations

Local storm restoration companies have an in-depth understanding of the specific building codes and regulations of the area they serve. This knowledge ensures that any restoration work they undertake complies with local laws, reducing the risk of potential issues during inspections and insurance claims.

Storm chasers, being unfamiliar with the region's unique building codes, might inadvertently perform work that does not meet local requirements. This could lead to complications during the inspection process or even render the restoration work non-compliant.

4. Long-Term Support and Guarantees

Storm chasers are notorious for their lack of long-term support and guarantees. Once the job is done, they might move on to the next storm-affected region, leaving homeowners without any recourse should future problems or repairs arise. 

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