As spring approaches, it’s crucial to be aware of the condition of your roof and your building’s exterior especially given the harsh winter we have experienced! Whether you reside in a townhome, common interest community, apartment building or you own an investment property, seasonal inspections are a simple and valuable tool you can use to maintain and protect your home and/or investment. A reputable construction or roofing company should always prioritize repairing and maintaining your property’s exterior before immediately recommending a full roof or siding replacement. It’s hard to know when the next repair or damage from the elements may happen to your property, this is why having a trusted contractor who understands the importance of maintenance and being there for you is key! 

In this article we will walk you through some trends we saw this winter, what to look for when hiring a contractor or maintenance company and what you can expect if you choose to invest in a maintenance program.

This winter we have seen record snowfalls, varying temperatures, multiple types of precipitation, and high wind. There have been multiple reports of larger than normal ice dams, wind driven rain leaks, wind damage to roofing systems, as well as other issues throughout this season. Fun fact: The biggest misconception we see when it comes to ice damming is that the ice dam is caused by the roofing system. Ice dams are actually caused by either inadequate insulation or ventilation. While some of these things may seem like  small and easy fixes, if ignored they can add up to some longer term property damage.

If you experienced any of the above issues with your property this winter, it may benefit you to seek a contractor to come assess your property early this spring so you can get an idea of any damage that was done and to get an accurate report on your roof's remaining life expectancy.

Here is a list of things to look for when deciding on a reputable contractor:

  1. Insurance: A reputable company will be fully insured so you as the property owner will not be liable for any accidents that happen with a contractor on your roof or property.

  2. Licensing: All contractors must be licensed by the state of Minnesota.

  3. Certifications: Most reputable contractors will have certifications through their supplier to provide you with peace of mind.

  4. Warranties: Most reputable contractors will be able to offer you both workmanship warranties and manufacturer warranties for work done on your property. 

If you were to partner with a contractor or maintenance company, here is a list of common services that are completed when you have a regularly scheduled maintenance program in place:

  1. Identify Repairs: Every roof has a life expectancy. Taking care of any minor repairs as they come up before they grow larger is a great way to minimize cost and prolong the life of the roofing system.

  2. Seasonal Damage/Regular Cleaning: As stated above; wind, snow, water and falling debris can cause damages and impede the roofing systems ability to shed water. Regular cleaning can prevent drainage issues and address immediate repairs

  3. Leak detection/Energy Efficiency: Most companies use thermal imaging to find and address any water damage that can not be seen by the naked eye. This can also be helpful in finding any hotspots on your exterior to create a plan to maximize energy efficiency. 

  4. Security: Many business owners do not think of the roof as an easy access into your property by thieves. Having someone regularly inspect the roof will help address any access points and look for any evidence of attempted break-ins. 

  5. Peace of Mind: Regular and consistent inspections give homeowners and business owners the peace of mind that their roofing systems will not fail resulting in costly repairs. Having periodic inspection reports also makes the process of valuing and selling your property much less time consuming as you will have detailed inspection reports from a licensed and certified roofing contractor. 

Ultimately, understanding the importance of maintenance and how to seek out a reputable contractor for this service can save money, make budgeting much more efficient and accurate, and give homeowners, business owners, and tenants peace of mind that their property is being taken care of.