At Millersberg Construction, LLC, we’re always looking for ways to improve our business operations, so we can better serve our customers and expedite the remodeling and claims processes.

That said, our team is excited to announce that we’ve started digitizing our claims operations by using innovative drone technology to handle exterior home inspections. So, what makes using drone technology so great anyway? 

Using drones makes the inspection process… 


As a professional roofing company, we already have to spend time up in the air working on roofs, gutters, siding, and more. Loveland Innovations’ drone inspection system eliminates an extra trip up to the roof, which ultimately keeps our team safer.

This is especially important because the inspection process typically would involve a lot of moving around for documentation and taking measurements. Now, our team can stay safely on the ground and let the drones do all the risky work!


On top of being safer for our team, drones make the inspection process faster, too. A drone can move swiftly around a home’s exterior in the time it takes for our roofers to climb up to the roof and navigate around it to record data. This is especially true for high-sloped roofs, which are inherently more dangerous to be on. 

By digitizing our inspections, our roofing team can spend less time standing on your roof and take more time to help take care of you and your needs for your home! 

More Accurate

Another great thing about using technology for home inspections is it offers no bias. Even the most experienced roofing contractors have to leave room for human error, which can either lead to a slightly less accurate measurement or even discord between the homeowner and roofing team.

By using IMGING, our roofers will have all the information at our fingertips, which we can pull up again after the inspection for reference. Plus, on top of taking pictures, this drone technology can provide precise measurements that we can then use during the actual remodel.

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With this new drone technology, we will be able to provide a quicker and more accurate assessment of your home, so we can get started on the actual renovations. Our professional services include: 

  • Roof Repairs & Replacements
  • Storm Damage Restoration Projects
  • Window Replacements
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  • Gutter System Replacements 

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