Homeowners in Fairbault, Cannon Falls and other neighboring areas are seeing an early start to the spring storm season after hail damages homes during the storm on May 16, 2017.


According to the National Weather Service, the largest hail stone reported on May 16, 2017 was 1.5” in diameter – yet photos from social media users and local news stations show hail was  much larger in some areas.


How Large Does Hail Have To Be To Cause Damage?

After a storm, many people assume that if they don't see missing shingles or visible hail damage, then their roof did not sustain any storm damage. That is not the case! Often, damage from hail cannot be seen from the ground level of a home and it takes a trained professional to spot it.

Did you know that falling hail stones can reach speeds upwards of 100 MPH? Imagine the damage large hail can cause to your roof at that speed! Many factors play into how much damage a hail stone may cause including the size of the hail, density of the hail, wind speed, and direction. The age of your roofs shingles, the type of shingles and if your shingles are impact-resistant can all factor into the severity of your roof hail damage. Damage to your roof's shingles can compromise the effective life of your roof and even if not immediately visible and may lead to large scale problems if not identified in a timely manner. That's why it is so important to schedule a roof inspection after each storm, regardless of the hail size.


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Unpredictable storms create unpredictable problems. That’s why it’s important to choose the right roofing and siding professional to inspect the integrity of your home after a storm. It’s important to find someone who is local, properly certified, efficient, courteous, and available to complete your warranty work. All of which you’ll find working with Millersberg Construction. Contact us today at 507-301-3626 to request a free, no-obligation inspection or use our online contact form!