4 Reasons to Schedule a Yearly Roof Inspection


While your roof may seem structurally sound when you look at it from the ground, even the most solid looking roofs can have hidden damage and other problems. Roofs are always exposed to elements, making them prone to damage. Keeping them in top shape is crucial for maximum protection and comfort in the home.

To make sure your roof will perform its best, have professional and local Oklahoma City roofing contractor such as Millersberg Construction perform a routine inspection each spring. Doing so is a great long-term investment because it:


  1. Prolongs roof life – An in-depth inspection will allow contractors to assess the true condition of your roof. Based on our findings, we can suggest necessary solutions to ensure that your roof will have a long service life.
  2. Prevents water damage –When water seeps through the roof, it can damage other parts of your home such as foundation, walls, and siding. During a scheduled inspection though, contractors will check for early signs of water damage and make needed repairs to prevent further issues.
  3. Minimizes repair costs – Damage is perhaps inevitable for a roof because of its continuous exposure to elements. By locating damage before it gets worse, you reduce the need for costly repairs or replacement. You can save more money down the line.
  4. Makes your roof prepared for anything – Millersberg Construction will evaluate whether the roof needs a complete reroof, minor fix, or just good old cleaning. Once your roof’s back on top shape it’s pretty much ready to face any weather condition that comes its way.
Millersberg Construction can perform a comprehensive inspection to help you restore your roof in good condition. We check for the following issues during our thorough evaluation:
  • Discoloration on shingles, walls, or roof boards
  • Missing, loose, or worn shingles or tiles
  • Split or worn wood shingles
  • Rust or loose seams on metal roofing
  • Shingle granules in gutters
  • Loose or leaky gutters
  • Stains on roof deck
  • Mold growth
  • Blocked roof vents
Protect your investment by scheduling a roof inspection today! Contact us today at 507-301-3626 to request a free, no-obligation inspection or use our online contact form!