The appearance of the outside of your home makes the first impression.  It’s also exposed to the severe conditions of weather and can be affected by rust and mildew.  Even though vinyl siding can be low maintenance, it still does need to be cleaned every now and then and can last for decades when properly cared for.  Most professionals even recommend cleaning the siding of your home at least twice a year.

A lot of homeowners have an impression that a pressure washer is the only way to make your home shine, but there are many other alternatives than having to get your hands on one!  All you need is a soft bristled and long handled brush, a bucket, some rubber gloves, a cleaning solution and of course, water.

Some cleaning solutions include:

-70% water and 30% white vinegar

-1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent, 2/3 cup of powdered household cleaner, 1 quart of liquid bleach (oxygen bleach works too if concerned about landscaping) and one gallon of water

To start the cleaning of the home we recommend dividing your siding into sections. Next saturate your brush in the soapy mixture and apply on the home.  Let the mixture sit for about 5-10 minutes before scrubbing from top to bottom.  Cleaning in that direction will help to reduce any streaking.  Remember to also frequently rinse off as you go along as well.

If you reach a tough stain, try scrubbing with ½ cup of baking soda to ¼ cup of water or a general household cleaner used on tough dirt or stains.  Be sure to also examine your siding for any damage or cracks to ensure everything is in top condition to perform it’s best.


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