Sunlight can damage your roof and with it being summertime, the more sun, the more the damage and the faster it will age.   Even though some roofing materials are made to withstand direct heat the tiles can still become dry and lose flexibility as they age.

Roofing materials are made with oils and when hit with the elements they can move and change shape to adapt to the condition.   The sun’s heat dries this essential oil up over time, tearing away the weatherproofing chemicals that help protect your roof.   If your roof tiles start to move, then other parts of your roof can also become damaged. 

UV rays also cause damage to the materials of your roof.  Asphalt shingles are really vulnerable to this radiation and can warp and wear out because of it.  The sun can make them simply deteriorate.  These invisible and dangerous rays can also be magnified by the summer heat and temperature.

Not only does the sun physically damage your roof, it can also cause its appearance to degrade.   The sunlight can bleach out your roof tiles, damaging the particles that give it color.  If left to continue over the years the side of your home facing the sun can be a completely different color.

To ensure your roof damage by the sun doesn’t cause bigger problems, ensure you have regular maintenance and inspections on your roof.  Make sure you have the strongest roofing material for your climate!

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